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How Do You Live?

Recently, I wrote a letter very similar to this to a dear friend.  Although I originally planned to have the letter be something unique to her, it contained such a important concept that I wanted to share it here.  Please read, and share.

Dear Friend,

Live with an Eternal Purpose.

(gasp!) No, it really is not that mind-blowing, but it is something that I think is grossly underestimated.  Although I am not a perfect example (not even a very good example) of living with an eternal purpose, it is something that God has put on my heart both for my life and for others. 

So what does living with an eternal purpose look like?  How do we model it in everyday life? I firmly believe that it is simply another way to say, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and His Purpose.  We live in the moment, only seeing what’s right in front of us.  This is why the silliest arguments and the littlest mistakes make a huge impact.  But when we look at our own lives and the current situation through Jesus’ eyes, we see the importance of it all.  Relationships are richer, experiences are more memorable, mistakes become less important and Jesus becomes fixed in the center when we see life through His eyes.  He uses every situation to grow your trust in Him, and to make His glory known. 

Often times, we miss it.  We miss the opportunity to see His majesty, to love well and live abundantly.  Don’t miss it.  I have wasted so much time missing out on God’s heavenly purpose.  I know from personal experience that the things that are the most important in the moment are nothing in comparison to the glorious call of Jesus.  Whether you are having the best or the worst day, see life how God sees it. Don’t miss it. 

On that day, when we stand in the presence of God, all the things of this world will fall away, and we will be satisfied in Him. 

Live with an Eternal Purpose, it’ll change your life.



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The Call of Freedom

I wrote this short, unedited paragraph for a writing assignment this week.  We took a short nature walk and were asked to write about what we saw with a unique perspective. As you read, try to guess my inspiration for the story.  The answer is at the bottom.  I hope this little story touches your heart, as it did mine.  


  It spoke to me.  At first, it spoke gently with the lightest whisper.  Quickly it grew, calling me to come out.  Soon, it grew undeniably loud, penetrating my inner being. Freedom was coming.  For my entire existence, darkness enveloped me.  No matter how hard I tried to escape, darkness held me back.  I was stuck in the muck, in my loneliness, my despair, my emptiness.  There was no one, nothing that could change me, nothing that could break me free.  Then it came.  When hope seemed just out of grasp, it called me.  Freedom.  I was scared, unsure that my present darkness could be overcome by light.  But freedom broke through, shattering my unbreakable chains and bringing me into life.  Now, I live life abundantly.  I leave behind the darkness of my past, and reach forward in hope of the future.  My days are filled with glorious wonder.  Unstoppable, I fly through the air, taking every opportunity as if it is my last. At last, I am satisfied. Nothing can stop me now.

I am free.


Butterfly 1

Inspiration from a Butterfly, trying out its new wings and finding joy in simply being free.