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What’s the Point: Trusting God

This is the second post in the series What’s the Point?  To see the first post click here.

My next question in What’s the Point is, why trust God?

In so many situations God has taught me that He is faithful.  I have two stories to tell.

My first story starts with one of my favorite ministries Operation Christmas Child.  I had loved packing shoe boxes of gifts for children in need each Christmas.  My Servant Leaders Class (kind of like Student Body Government with Christian principles) wanted a project for my homeschool co-op to do for Christmas.  I suggested that we pack boxes with OCC and was very excited.  My goal was 50 boxes.  I believed that this goal would be not easy, but not overly difficult. I prayed that God would inspire people to pack boxes.

When the project was underway, I put advertising together and told a lot of people.  I anticipated that the response would be big enough to meet our goal.  Three or four weeks went by and only 10 or so boxes came in.  I was heart-broken. Did these people not realize how important this ministry was?  I prayed and asked God to work a miracle and meet the goal.  We had one more week.

On the last day, I waited by the collection table and expected God to work.  I trusted that He would be faithful and meet our goal.  That day, we collected over 50 boxes to make the grand total 65 boxes!

In about a month, less than 15 boxes had come in, yet in one day, over 50 boxes were collected.  I could see God working in this situation.  He taught me to trust and wait for His timing.

My next story starts with another ministry I love, Bible Quizzing.  Each year we memorize verses from the New Testament and quiz at competitions with kids from around the Pacific Northwest.  This year, I had been chosen to compete in a regional competition.  The trip was super fun, but the competition was super fast.  It was very hard to answer even a few questions correctly.  I had a goal of answering just one question correctly (over two days of quizzing).  Every quiz, I asked God to help me answer just one question right.

I never got one question right until the very last question of my very last quiz.  I was so excited to have one question right, on the very last quiz question ever!  God showed me He was faithful and gave me the perfect opportunity to praise Him.

God’s timing is perfect.  No matter how hard something is, no matter how bad the situation, He will work things out for good.  He does this because of His great, great love for us.

Now, my examples are quite big and long, but even little situations can show God’s faithfulness.  I trust God because He has shown me time and again that He knows best.

The Lord is faithful in all His works, and kind in all His works. Psalm 145:13  

Many blessings,


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What’s the Point: A Hope-Filled Joy Life

I am starting a group of posts called What’s the Point?, giving the reason for why I believe what I believe.  You will see these posts interspersed throughout the blog. 

After starting this blog recently, I began to ask myself, what’s the purpose of a hope-filled joy life?  Why did I specifically choose that title for my blog?  This question is very important, since it is the basis of this blog.

My hope-filled joy came from my very favorite verse, Romans 15:13.  May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This verse is so powerful to me.  Because of my faith, I have hope in what is to come.  This hope is not a dream upon a star kind of wish, but faith that God will do what He has promised.  God has never broken any promise throughout all of history.  His faithfulness is what gives me unending hope.  I know that no matter what is going on, God will bring good out of that situation.  Romans 8:28 says that God works out all things for the good of His children.  I hold fast to this truth with hope of what is to come.

But that is not all.  I also have joy because of what Jesus has done for me!  He has shown me unconditional love (that I did not deserve At All.) and has given me the gift of spending eternity with Him.  That alone gives me joy.  Joy is quite different from happiness.  Happiness comes from something that gives us pleasure for a while, like a game, car or person.  Joy is unending because Jesus’ love is unending!  His grace to me is so great, I just can’t help but be joyful!

So there you have it!  My hope-filled joy is based off of my faith in Christ Jesus.  This hope and joy will never fade, it goes on and on.  I hope that you will join me in experiencing His hope-filled joy and much more!

Many blessings,