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Bountiful Blessings ~ #2

Life lately has been fairly odd.  Although I have just finished school, leaving me more free time, we are very, very busy.  Why you might say?  Sometimes the littlest things make us busy, but I’d say we have some big things going on.  My Dad is running for Superior Court Judge!  See his website here!

Anyway, I suppose I should get on to the purpose of this post, God’s abundant blessings.  Let’s get started.

~Driver’s ED. (Although this is only my second day, I am thankful to have kind, competent people to educate me on driving.  I am still not sure whether to be excited or scared yet. 🙂 )

~Brownies! (check out Ravishing Recipes: Baker’s One Bowl Brownies! Yep, I still love these brownies and made them for the last day of co-op.  Everybody says they are SO good, but here’s a hint, they’re super easy!)

~Baby Birds. (My momma’s hanging flower pot is now home to five baby birdies.  Their protective momma has been quite watchful whenever we water the pot. 🙂 )

baby bird

~Painful Experiences. (We have some tough situations in our family’s life right now, some stuff that’s been going on for a long time and it’s impossible for us to change it.  Although I don’t like the pain, I know that these are the times when God grows us most.  I’m challenged every day to trust and obey more than every before.)

~People Who Know What They’re Doing. (i.e. a certain web designer who has been helping with my dad’s campaign website, teachers who listen to all my questions, and a momma who knows how to make every day seem special)

~Bro Bro. (He is the adorable little brother of my sweet girls that I babysit.  Read about them here. I got to babysit just him last week.  My goodness, he is the cutest thing!)

~God’s Provision.  (I have no idea how much I am blessed.  Every day, I am overwhelmed by the abundance of everything God provides.  I don’t deserve it.)

grass 2

God is good, friend.  He provides and provides and provides.  Sometimes He says yes and sometimes it’s a no.  But no matter what we need, He always provides.



*Photos taken from the internet. 


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On Sledding in the Rain

Yesterday, some of my siblings and I, and a few friends, loaded up the gear to go snow sledding on Snoqualmie Pass in the Hyak Sno Park.  The Sno Park was a huge hill specifically used for sledding.  Since it was a school day, we had the hill virtually to ourselves.

Snoqualmie Pass *
Snoqualmie Pass *

As we began our sledding, it started to rain, on and off all day.  I don’t know if you have been in the snow while it is raining, but it’s not a fun experience.  Rain makes snow slippery, and makes you wet.

Although the rain was kind of disappointing, we did manage to have some laughs and some good old-fashioned sledding fun.

Snow + Kids = A Bit of Crazy
Snow + Kids = A Bit of Crazy
An Attempt to Ride (with four at once) :)
An Attempt to Ride (with four at once) 🙂

Needless to say, I have complied a fairly exhaustive (though not completely so) list of do’s and don’t’s when sledding, especially in the rain.  Enjoy!

Tips for Sledding (in or out of the rain):

Make a Jump out of snow.  Jumps give some air to your ride, making the sledding a little more fun, but also causes some laughs from falling off the jump.

Bring Lots and Lots of Gloves.  Don’t just bring 2 pairs of gloves for yourself, bring 3 or 4 pairs.  Your friend will end up needing one pair, and your own pair will soak through in five minutes. Bummer. 🙂

Take Risks (Which is hard for the worrier, stay-safe girl that I am).

-But Don’t Be Stupid. As in sledding down the hill laying down, backwards, and headfirst. (I got to see my brother and some of the boys doing tricks like this. Scares me crazy! 🙂 )

-Bring More Food than you ever thought imaginable.  Somehow food not only replenishes energy, but seems to warm you up, even if the food is cold. Plus, junior high boys are always hungry! 🙂

-Share Sleds with Others.  Don’t be stingy about your special sled.  Sometimes the little kids have better sleds than you do!

-Create a Signature Ride that you all will remember.  We tried to sled down the hill with five people on three sleds, all at once!

-Take Your Best Friends Along.  They are the ones that make you laugh, and who don’t care if you look like a marshmallow in all your snow gear.

-Bring an Extra Set of Dry Clothes.  It is no fun to ride home in wet clothes.

-In Fact, Bring Extras of Everything. There will always be a kiddo or friend who needs another coat, or snow-pants.

-Wear Little to No Make-Up. If you do wear make-up, make sure to wear clear mascara. Rain and snow makes a mess of it. Just go with no make-up.  Who cares what you look like, we’re all cold and crazy! 🙂

-Ice Cream is the Best pick-me-up on the long drive home.

-Make Memories That Will Last a lifetime.  These special days should be remembered.

There you have it!  My list of do’s and don’t’s for sledding.  As you can see, we had some mishaps and frozen fingers, but we had so much fun along the way.

My Sister Sunshine, a Good Friend and Me (Please excuse the wet tired me on the left :)
Me, a Good Friend, and My Sister Sunshine (Please excuse the wet tired me on the left 🙂 )

Do you have any other “sledding essentials?” Comment below!



*Photo found from the internet. 

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Bountiful Blessings ~ #1

I am surprised some days by how much I am blessed.  I am not just blessed with big, huge things, but so thankful for the little things that make my day. Here are a few things I am blessed by today:

~A New Dishwasher.  Now to some, this may not seem all that exciting, but I am so happy to have a dishwasher in our house again.  Our ten-year-old dishwasher broke over two weeks ago.  For an eight-person family, having no dishwasher for two weeks is kind of hard.  Happily though, my siblings used the extra dishwashing time for family bonding.  We turned up the Veggietales Spotify, made a lot of hot, soapy water, and set out to sing and clean our hearts out.  Although the extra time together was a great experience, I’m glad to have a new dishwasher in our home.

~Sunshine!  Living in the Pacific Northwest, sunshine is fairly occasional in March.  For me, 60 degrees and sunny is blissful.  The day seems so much happier when the sun is shining.

This is Mt. Rainier. I get to see it every morning! Isn't it beautiful?
This is Mt. Rainier. I get to see it every morning! Isn’t it beautiful?

~Braces!  Yes, as of yesterday, I have braces.  Although it will be 30 months and several appliances in the making, I will have straight teeth.  I am very thankful to have the resources and time to get braces.

~Ice Cream! Which is very helpful for said braces. 🙂

~Family. My siblings make me laugh every day.  I just love family.  See my post about siblings here.

This is family y'all!
This is family y’all!

~My puppy Molly.  She is the sweetest thing. See my post about her here.

Just about the cutest thing I know.
Just about the cutest thing I know.

~God’s goodness.  He mercy is amazing.  I am so thankful to know He is near, and to have the blessings He provides.

Go enjoy God’s blessings to you, my friend!



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Just Another Reason Why I Love Kiddos

I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I love kiddos!  I love, love, love kiddos, preschoolers in particular.

I so enjoy babysitting my sweet girls and their little brother (commonly known as bro-bro).  They make me smile every time I’m with them.

The great thing is, I get to spend time with preschoolers, more than just when I babysit my sweet kiddos.  Every Tuesday, my church hosts AWANA, and I get to volunteer as assistant director of Cubbies (preschool AWANA).  Cubbies is a sunday school/VBS type program, where the kids hear a Bible story, play games, do a craft and have a snack, which is all related to a verse they learned that week.  Cubbies is so fun.

Our Cubbie program holds 60 kiddos and about 20 adult volunteers who come each week.  With this many kids, there is always something to do, like cleaning up messes, coloring and singing songs.

A few weeks ago, I took some pictures of all our kiddos.  I’ll let the pictures speak for the fun that we have. Enjoy those sweet little faces!

Waiting for game time
Waiting for game time
Still waiting.
Still waiting.

A few of our sweet girls:


I love jello for snack!!!
I love jello for snack!!
Nothing's better than jello!
Nothing’s better than jello!

And let’s not forget the boys!

IMG_0282                 Look at what I made!

Are you scared yet?
Are you scared yet?

A few of the wonderful volunteers!



So, I went a little overboard with those pictures, but I love all these kiddos!

I hope you enjoyed seeing their sweet faces!

We're having fun folks, we're having fun!!!
We’re having fun folks, we’re having fun!!!



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My story of the 300 at 4us!

Hello all!

How is your fall?

It has been a very long time since my last blog post. I assume at this point that any of my readers have probably given up on me by now :).  Well, life kind of got in the way, but I am finally here to give you a summary of the wonderful events that happened this last August 13-15.

In case you have not heard about the 300 or 4us, check out my original post about it here.

Now the fun part!  I get to tell you how it all went!

This event was a blast.  We arrived Thursday morning (early, I might add :), where I was assigned to the team Zulu or Kidzcare!  This was a fun team. I got to spend the day with preschoolers (best people ever!) coloring, playing games and even testing out the bouncy houses for the family fun fest. Other teams did jobs like setting up a concert stage, bouncy house blow-ups, registration, tent set-up, merchandise and food duty (and more!).  After an afternoon of playing with the kiddos (and Chick-fil-a food!) all of the 300 volunteers participated in the first ever Sound and Light games!  We played events like, tricycle relays, blow-up toy races and zip-line battles.  These were so fun!  I hung out with two sweet little boys, ages 7 and 9, who were on my team. Unfortunately, my team placed. . . dead last.  We still had a blast.  The evening finished off with a showing of Mega Mind on the big screen in the field, then off to bed in our tents.

Friday morning, we were greeted with. . . rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  Because we are in the lovely Pacific Northwest, rain is normally not a big problem.  But when you are trying to set up a mega event for thousands of people, rain and wind stop that a little bit. We prayed the rain would stop in time.  In the mean time, we attended the Sound and Light academy, where we heard two great speakers. We heard inspiring talks about how to defend our beliefs about life, how to unmask planned parenthood, and how to get people like you excited for the 300! By lunch time, the rain was blowing all the harder.  At this point, we had to make a decision: continue with the prep for our Luma Glow Fun Run that evening, or cancel the event and disappoint all of the participants.  We decided to continue with the event.  I worked with team Hotel, where we set up big light displays for the Luma Glow Run (the Luma Glow run is where participates run a 5k in the dark, guided by a glow-stick path and glow displays). The rain continued to pour. The run was scheduled at 7 pm, and by 6 pm, it was still raining.  But God does amazing things.  By 6:30, the rain had completely stopped.  It was still fairly cold, but we were ready for this 5k.  It turns out that hundreds of participates still came.  I guess Western Washington runners are not scared of some rain.  The event went off beautifully.

Saturday was the real test, since around 10 events happened that day, not just one.  There was no rain on Saturday, just blue skies. This day was a blast.  I was in charge of a bouncy house at the Family Fun Fest.  I love to see those kid’s faces light up when on a bouncy house!  Other participants completed runs, bike rides etc.  Thousands of people came, the place was packed!  It was so encouraging to see all of those people standing up for life. The day ended with the World’s Largest Squirt Gun Fight.  It was hilarious to see thousands of kids and adults soaking each other in a major battle!  After all the fun, it was time to clean up and go home.

This experience meant so much to me.  I was so encouraged to see not only the volunteers, but all of the participants taking a stand for life. I am so inspired to get out there and stand for life now.  God provided in huge ways during this event.  God is so good.

I would now like to thank every person who backed me during this journey. I am so thankful for all of you who lifted me up in prayer.  Thank you to all who came and participated! I was so happy to see some of your faces that day.

Thanks so much to all of you who gave your support through the $10/10 day campaign to help me raise $350/$1000.  What a blessing.

Well, that’s my story!

Blessings in Abundance,



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9 Reasons Why Kids are the Best People Ever

My sweet girls and I on a summer field trip.
My sweet girls and I on a summer field trip.

I babysit two girls and a boy (5,3, and 1 year old) on a weekly basis, and I just have to say, they are so much fun! Here are 9 reasons why kiddos are some of the Best People Ever:

  1. Kids have fantastic imaginations.  Whenever I play dolls of any kind with my sweet girls (photo above), they make up such great stories.  Last week with them, elsa flew around the world in her jet, traveled to California for a pool party, rescued four sparkly colored puppies, played with anna and had a sleepover.  For anyone who has little kids or knows any (a.k.a. pretty much everyone) these types of stories are common.
  2. Kids are super creative.  Give a kid crayons and paper or a ball of play dough, and she will create her own unique masterpiece.
  3. Kids have unending energy.  The energy can be super fun, and super exhausting. 🙂
  4. Kids have that winner smile.  You know what I mean.  Kids have that perfect little smile that makes you want to hug them up.
  5. Kids have little minds that never stop learning.  Never under estimate a kiddo, their little brains are always working.
  6. Kids tell it like it is.  (Which is sometimes helpful and sometimes not so helpful.  Bummer. 🙂 )
  7. Kids are not afraid to share their faith.  Kiddos don’t blink when telling their faith to anyone, they are not afraid of ridicule.  If only we could be more like that.
  8. Kids have the best toys!  Play dough, bubbles, crayons, stuffed animals, toy cars(don’t get me started).
  9. Kids simply love living life.  They have so much fun because they don’t know how to worry.

I think we could learn a few things from kids.  And trust me, there are many more reasons why kiddos are wonderful.  I love my sweet kiddos so much.  Go play with a kid today, it can make a difference in more lives than one.

Many blessings,