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I Want to Have Faith Like … My Momma

Welcome to a new post series: “I want to have faith like . . .” I’m excited for this one!

I like to say I’m blessed.  This is the post that truly shows how blessed I am. I’m blessed, because I got to be her daughter.


In all my short years of living, I have never met anyone so faith-driven as my mother.  She is a rock, courageous and strong because of the One she trusts in, yet she is gentle, warm and quick to listen.

My Momma was not always this way.  But a long time ago, God took hold of her heart and she said yes.  And He has made her one special woman.

Momma has met some strong adversity in many forms over her life, yet she has never given up.  Some would have quit, thrown in the towel.  But Momma stayed strong, because she trusts in an all-powerful God.  As she would tell you, it isn’t easy.  But it’s worth it.

And now, Momma is impacting the lives of other mothers, children and families. She blesses others by her hard work and never-ending patience.  And she has hope.  Hope like I’ve never seen.  The rough stuff isn’t over yet, but Momma knows God is bringing the good stuff soon.

And yet, with all of this, Momma doesn’t think she has done anything extraordinary.  She believes it’s all because of Jesus.  And it is.  She believes with a child-like faith and He does great things through her.

And she’s not done yet. Oh no, Momma knows great things are still to come.

Momma isn’t perfect.  But she trusts in the One who is perfect, and He is doing some pretty cool things because of it.

What’s the best part about all of this?  I have gotten to watch this woman of God alive and in action all my life.  Now, that’s blessed.

I want to have faith like my momma.  Great things are still to come, y’all!