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How Do You Live?

Recently, I wrote a letter very similar to this to a dear friend.  Although I originally planned to have the letter be something unique to her, it contained such a important concept that I wanted to share it here.  Please read, and share.

Dear Friend,

Live with an Eternal Purpose.

(gasp!) No, it really is not that mind-blowing, but it is something that I think is grossly underestimated.  Although I am not a perfect example (not even a very good example) of living with an eternal purpose, it is something that God has put on my heart both for my life and for others. 

So what does living with an eternal purpose look like?  How do we model it in everyday life? I firmly believe that it is simply another way to say, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and His Purpose.  We live in the moment, only seeing what’s right in front of us.  This is why the silliest arguments and the littlest mistakes make a huge impact.  But when we look at our own lives and the current situation through Jesus’ eyes, we see the importance of it all.  Relationships are richer, experiences are more memorable, mistakes become less important and Jesus becomes fixed in the center when we see life through His eyes.  He uses every situation to grow your trust in Him, and to make His glory known. 

Often times, we miss it.  We miss the opportunity to see His majesty, to love well and live abundantly.  Don’t miss it.  I have wasted so much time missing out on God’s heavenly purpose.  I know from personal experience that the things that are the most important in the moment are nothing in comparison to the glorious call of Jesus.  Whether you are having the best or the worst day, see life how God sees it. Don’t miss it. 

On that day, when we stand in the presence of God, all the things of this world will fall away, and we will be satisfied in Him. 

Live with an Eternal Purpose, it’ll change your life.



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On Sledding in the Rain

Yesterday, some of my siblings and I, and a few friends, loaded up the gear to go snow sledding on Snoqualmie Pass in the Hyak Sno Park.  The Sno Park was a huge hill specifically used for sledding.  Since it was a school day, we had the hill virtually to ourselves.

Snoqualmie Pass *
Snoqualmie Pass *

As we began our sledding, it started to rain, on and off all day.  I don’t know if you have been in the snow while it is raining, but it’s not a fun experience.  Rain makes snow slippery, and makes you wet.

Although the rain was kind of disappointing, we did manage to have some laughs and some good old-fashioned sledding fun.

Snow + Kids = A Bit of Crazy
Snow + Kids = A Bit of Crazy
An Attempt to Ride (with four at once) :)
An Attempt to Ride (with four at once) 🙂

Needless to say, I have complied a fairly exhaustive (though not completely so) list of do’s and don’t’s when sledding, especially in the rain.  Enjoy!

Tips for Sledding (in or out of the rain):

Make a Jump out of snow.  Jumps give some air to your ride, making the sledding a little more fun, but also causes some laughs from falling off the jump.

Bring Lots and Lots of Gloves.  Don’t just bring 2 pairs of gloves for yourself, bring 3 or 4 pairs.  Your friend will end up needing one pair, and your own pair will soak through in five minutes. Bummer. 🙂

Take Risks (Which is hard for the worrier, stay-safe girl that I am).

-But Don’t Be Stupid. As in sledding down the hill laying down, backwards, and headfirst. (I got to see my brother and some of the boys doing tricks like this. Scares me crazy! 🙂 )

-Bring More Food than you ever thought imaginable.  Somehow food not only replenishes energy, but seems to warm you up, even if the food is cold. Plus, junior high boys are always hungry! 🙂

-Share Sleds with Others.  Don’t be stingy about your special sled.  Sometimes the little kids have better sleds than you do!

-Create a Signature Ride that you all will remember.  We tried to sled down the hill with five people on three sleds, all at once!

-Take Your Best Friends Along.  They are the ones that make you laugh, and who don’t care if you look like a marshmallow in all your snow gear.

-Bring an Extra Set of Dry Clothes.  It is no fun to ride home in wet clothes.

-In Fact, Bring Extras of Everything. There will always be a kiddo or friend who needs another coat, or snow-pants.

-Wear Little to No Make-Up. If you do wear make-up, make sure to wear clear mascara. Rain and snow makes a mess of it. Just go with no make-up.  Who cares what you look like, we’re all cold and crazy! 🙂

-Ice Cream is the Best pick-me-up on the long drive home.

-Make Memories That Will Last a lifetime.  These special days should be remembered.

There you have it!  My list of do’s and don’t’s for sledding.  As you can see, we had some mishaps and frozen fingers, but we had so much fun along the way.

My Sister Sunshine, a Good Friend and Me (Please excuse the wet tired me on the left :)
Me, a Good Friend, and My Sister Sunshine (Please excuse the wet tired me on the left 🙂 )

Do you have any other “sledding essentials?” Comment below!



*Photo found from the internet.