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What Will YOU Be Known For?

Everyone wants to be known for something.  In a world where anyone can tell the multitudes about their little life through Instagram and Twitter, it’s no wonder that we all want people to know about us.

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But is all publicity good publicity?  Are we actually making a difference with the things we post and share?

I have definitely had some trouble lately, when I see the lives of others everywhere. Maybe you can relate.  Sometimes I feel as though my life is not good enough, not making enough difference.  I feel as though I need something to show for myself.  I feel inadequate.  

But the question is, what am I trying to prove?

Do I want to be known for having the best stuff, a good voice, lots of friends or a shiny scholarship?  Do I need to prove I’m good enough with all these things?

Now, don’t take me wrong.  By themselves, possessions, friends and good talents are not bad things.  But when I start to use them to make myself look good, that’s when the problems start.

You see, if I compare myself to others by what I have or what I can do, I’ll never be good enough.  Someone will always be better.

And in the end, none of it matters.  When my life is over, and I stand in light of eternity, everything will seem petty and worthless. (Maddie, don’t tell me I need to think about eternity).  Sorry, but you do.  

I want to be known for something.  But not simply for being an award-winning actress, a clever scientist, or a good friend.  I want to be known for making a difference into eternity.  I want to make an impact that will ripple effect through generations.  And the good thing is, that’s just what God has in mind for us.  We can change the world (that will matter in eternity), but only though Him.  That’s why He’s such a good Father. 

So, what do you want to be known for?  Let me tell you, if it’s for anything apart from God, it will fade away pretty quickly after you’re gone.  You might get a sentence in the history books.  Or you might change people for generations.  

You get to decide.  But make a decision.  Be known for something.



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