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Bountiful Blessings ~ #2

Life lately has been fairly odd.  Although I have just finished school, leaving me more free time, we are very, very busy.  Why you might say?  Sometimes the littlest things make us busy, but I’d say we have some big things going on.  My Dad is running for Superior Court Judge!  See his website here!

Anyway, I suppose I should get on to the purpose of this post, God’s abundant blessings.  Let’s get started.

~Driver’s ED. (Although this is only my second day, I am thankful to have kind, competent people to educate me on driving.  I am still not sure whether to be excited or scared yet. 🙂 )

~Brownies! (check out Ravishing Recipes: Baker’s One Bowl Brownies! Yep, I still love these brownies and made them for the last day of co-op.  Everybody says they are SO good, but here’s a hint, they’re super easy!)

~Baby Birds. (My momma’s hanging flower pot is now home to five baby birdies.  Their protective momma has been quite watchful whenever we water the pot. 🙂 )

baby bird

~Painful Experiences. (We have some tough situations in our family’s life right now, some stuff that’s been going on for a long time and it’s impossible for us to change it.  Although I don’t like the pain, I know that these are the times when God grows us most.  I’m challenged every day to trust and obey more than every before.)

~People Who Know What They’re Doing. (i.e. a certain web designer who has been helping with my dad’s campaign website, teachers who listen to all my questions, and a momma who knows how to make every day seem special)

~Bro Bro. (He is the adorable little brother of my sweet girls that I babysit.  Read about them here. I got to babysit just him last week.  My goodness, he is the cutest thing!)

~God’s Provision.  (I have no idea how much I am blessed.  Every day, I am overwhelmed by the abundance of everything God provides.  I don’t deserve it.)

grass 2

God is good, friend.  He provides and provides and provides.  Sometimes He says yes and sometimes it’s a no.  But no matter what we need, He always provides.



*Photos taken from the internet. 



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