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9 Reasons Why Kids are the Best People Ever

My sweet girls and I on a summer field trip.
My sweet girls and I on a summer field trip.

I babysit two girls and a boy (5,3, and 1 year old) on a weekly basis, and I just have to say, they are so much fun! Here are 9 reasons why kiddos are some of the Best People Ever:

  1. Kids have fantastic imaginations.  Whenever I play dolls of any kind with my sweet girls (photo above), they make up such great stories.  Last week with them, elsa flew around the world in her jet, traveled to California for a pool party, rescued four sparkly colored puppies, played with anna and had a sleepover.  For anyone who has little kids or knows any (a.k.a. pretty much everyone) these types of stories are common.
  2. Kids are super creative.  Give a kid crayons and paper or a ball of play dough, and she will create her own unique masterpiece.
  3. Kids have unending energy.  The energy can be super fun, and super exhausting. 🙂
  4. Kids have that winner smile.  You know what I mean.  Kids have that perfect little smile that makes you want to hug them up.
  5. Kids have little minds that never stop learning.  Never under estimate a kiddo, their little brains are always working.
  6. Kids tell it like it is.  (Which is sometimes helpful and sometimes not so helpful.  Bummer. 🙂 )
  7. Kids are not afraid to share their faith.  Kiddos don’t blink when telling their faith to anyone, they are not afraid of ridicule.  If only we could be more like that.
  8. Kids have the best toys!  Play dough, bubbles, crayons, stuffed animals, toy cars(don’t get me started).
  9. Kids simply love living life.  They have so much fun because they don’t know how to worry.

I think we could learn a few things from kids.  And trust me, there are many more reasons why kiddos are wonderful.  I love my sweet kiddos so much.  Go play with a kid today, it can make a difference in more lives than one.

Many blessings,



2 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Kids are the Best People Ever”

  1. Hey Mads 🙂 I LOVE this post! Aa a fellow #ilovekiddos person myself, I found your post very relatable. ( especially the part about kids telling like it is. SO true 🙂 Keep on writing girlie! I can’t wait to read what you come up with next.


  2. Hey Maddie! I absolutely love this post! Kids are so much fun, and that is one thing I look forward to when I get back is to start working with kids again. I also just love the picture of you with the girls. Keep it up Sweet Pea 🙂


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